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Provestra Tablet In Pakistan 100% Imported

30 Tablet In Pack


Women may experience less desire for sex for a variety of reasons. Most women experience a decrease in their sexual desire as they age. And we’re not talking about aging as in climbing over the 50-year hill… Your sex drive typically begins to decrease at age 30! There are a great many factors that can contribute to this decrease in your sexual appetite, including:

  • Hormone fluctuations of monthly menstruation
  • Exposure to synthetic hormones — i.e. Birth Control Pills
  • Hormone changes with pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • Hormone changes with menopause
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress

These factors are unavoidable to most women through the course of a lifetime.

Busy, stressful lives, poor nutrition, and hormonal changes that come with pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause can all wreak havoc on our libidos, causing our desire for sex to plummet. Mentally, we may desire sex. But physically, our bodies just don’t cooperate.

As we age, we naturally produce less vaginal lubrication. This can lead to uncomfortable — even painful — intercourse, which of course contributes to a lack of sexual desire. And in this day and age of balancing busy careers, kids, husbands, housework, aging parents, and more, our stress levels are reaching new heights — and our sexual desire is hitting all new lows.

Our busy lives also result in poor nutrition and exercise regimens. With no time to worry about proper meal planning, let alone hit the gym, we often let ourselves slide into bad habits that are hard to break. Heavy food and lack of exercise negatively affects a woman’s sex drive.

But every woman deserves to have an active, fulfilling sex life

You should NOT have to make excuses to your husband and feel the silence of his disappointment as you try to go to sleep each night. You should NOT have to deprive yourself of your womanly desire and the satisfaction of a healthy, active sex life

It’s every woman’s right.

And with all-natural supplements like Provestra, you can. Provestra works to restore your hormonal and nutritional balances so that you can experience a noticeable increase in sexual appetite, quicker arousal, and stronger orgasms in as little as seven days.

Provestra has the added benefits of curing vaginal dryness and making orgasm much more easily achievable. Women’s health experts have formulated Provestra™, the 100% natural libido enhancer for women.

It’s so effective that it’s now doctor recommended… yet it’s gentle enough that daily use is recommended and it comes with no unwanted side effects!


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